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Cotton Candy CBD Candy 200mg

Cotton Candy CBD Candy 200mg

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Ten pieces of traditional cotton candy hard candy infused with 20 mg of CBD.  It's a delicious treat with the therapeutic benefits of ingesting Cannabidiol (CBD).  Unlike the bitter taste of CBD tinctures, you will enjoy your favorite flavor of candy while the CBD absorbs into the tissues and glands of your mouth. People often chew and swallow gummies... digesting the gummy before giving the editable time to release the Cannabidiol (CBD) into their blood stream.  Hard candy is the perfect alternative to tinctures and gummies.

CBD candy is perfect for the elderly or disabled who may be resistant to a bitter tincture or dislike the texture gummies.

Cannabidiol (CBD) does not cause psychotropic effects and is non-addictive. CBD has been reported to help with stress, anxiety, improved relaxation , and sleep in many people.  

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