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DIY Delta 8 Mixed Drinks

Why pay more for expensive premixed Delta 8 beverages and syrups?  You can mix your own to your personal tolerance with water soluble Delta 8.  Just add 10 to 15 drops to any 8oz drink and you have an instant Delta 8 cocktail. The nano Delta 8 formula absorbs in your blood stream faster than a gummy or other edibles to feel the effects quicker. Hippie Drops Delta 8 drink enhancer is travel size and so convenient to make a Delta 8 mixed drink anywhere. Hippie Drops mixes perfect with any beverage like coffee, water, juice, soda, energy drinks, wine and beer!  It is also a very discrete way to consume Delta 8 in public or at an event like a concert and party like you’re at Woodstock. 

You will save more money and make more Delta 8 drinks with a 30ml dropper bottle of Hippie Drops Delta 8 drink enhancer.  Hippie Drops is the best Delta 8 drink additive for your budget.  Buy two or more Hippie Drops Delta 8 drink enhancers and receive extra discounts plus there is FREE SHIPPING.  Also you earn reward points on every dollar spent to redeem on free products or cash off purchases.

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